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Transparency around Euthanasia

November 19, 2024

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm |

Effective communication is paramount in animal welfare. But tackling highly sensitive issues can often be stressful and difficult. Attendees will hear about two case studies where shelters were bold, honest, and transparent about the complicated topic of euthanasia. You will gain valuable insights into how to communicate on behalf of animals with courage, compassion, and impact.


Learn about KC Pet Project’s transparent communication strategies which build community support for vulnerable animals, increasing their chances for positive outcomes. They will explain how they communicate to the public through their website and socials about dogs who are most at risk of euthanasia. See examples of how they use blunt honesty on social media when posting about animals who have been euthanized.


APA Missouri will explain their process for internal and external communications in advance of euthanasia, when animals are at risk, to build trust and transparency. They found their at-risk communication prepares staff and volunteers for possible and allows us to work as a team for alternative pathways.



Kim Brown, CAWA

COO, APA Missouri

Kim Brown is a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) and has been working in animal welfare for 14 years. She volunteered as a foster for 6 years prior to working in the field and continues to foster. Kim has a MA in Nonprofit Administration and a BA in Human Resource Management. She also spent eight years in the US Army Reserves as a Combat Medic.


Tori Fugate

Chief Communications Officer, KC Pet Project

As Chief Communications Officer for KC Pet Project, Tori Fugate oversees all marketing, events, web management, social media, retail sales, education initiatives, and media relations, and she recently served on the design and construction committee of the KC Campus for Animal Care, Kansas City’s new animal shelter. She enjoys the opportunity to promote KC Pet Project and its pets through social media and in print, radio and television appearances on a local and national level – including People Magazine, The Dodo, The Huffington Post, CBS News, USA Today, Queer Eye, and The Rachael Ray Show. Tori is a member of Shelter Animals Count Public Relations Committee and the National Animal Care and Control Association Marketing and Communications Committee.